4 websites to find craft business logo ideas

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04 Nov , 2022

As a craft business owner, you likely have your hands full with all the different tasks that need to be completed to keep your business running smoothly. From creating products to managing inventory and operations, there is a lot of work involved in keeping a small business up and running. 

And while you likely don’t have much time left over for designing logos and branding elements for your business, these things are essential if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. 

Luckily, fortunately - and happily - the Internet is an abundant source of inspiration for any design project you’re working on. 

The trick is finding websites that focus solely on logo ideas so you can quickly find what you need and get back to work. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 4 websites perfect for logo design inspiration if you own a craft business.

What is logo design ?

A logo is a visual representation of the brand of your business, and it is likely the first thing that people associate with your company. 

Logo design is the process of creating and designing this logo, which can include using visual elements, colours, fonts, and images related to your business, to create a cohesive and recognisable brand image. 

Logo design can also include creating additional branding elements such as business cards, letterhead, and website design to help tie everything together.

Finding the right inspiration

When you’re looking for logo ideas, it’s important to find websites that focus on logo design and nothing else, otherwise you’ll be flooded with visual elements unrelated to your business. 

For example, Behance is a great resource for a variety of design projects, including logo design, but you’ll want to use the search box to focus on “logo” to filter by this specific type of project. You’ll want to search for “logo design” or “logo inspiration” to find visual elements unique to this type of project. 

There are a number of networks, or communities, where professional designers post their design work. These networks are often broken down into categories, such as “logo design” or “identity”, making it easy to find inspiration that is directly related to your business. While you’re browsing, be sure to check out designers’ portfolios as well. 

You’ll be able to see examples of beautiful logos and find out how long they’ve been designing and what their specialties are. This is a great way to find designers for your project.


You may have heard of the popular online design website, Behance, which boasts more than 24 million members from all industries, including logo designers. 

Behance is a website in which people can submit and share their design work. One of the best ways to find business logo ideas on behance is by browsing the other designer’s portfolio. 

You can then look for logo concepts that you like and take note of the details that make each one unique. It’s also helpful to skim through pages of designs, looking for common elements such as color schemes, typography and iconography. By keeping your eyes open, you should be able to find several logo ideas that are worthy of further consideration.

When you’re ready to begin designing your own logo, remember that it needs to be well-designed from the start. You should choose a font that is legible and easy to read, avoid overly busy designs and stick to a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Finally, make sure to test-market your logo before launching it into production. This way, you can spot any potential problems and address them before they become too big of an issue.


If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to coming up with a new logo idea, check out the Dribble website ! 

There are thousands of free logo designs which can be used for inspiration. You can also pick your favourite design and use it as a basis for creating your own unique logo.

You can also use dribble images as a starting point for creating your own business logo. 

This is especially useful if you want to create a logo that represents your business in a unique way.

Once you have an idea of what you like, you can start creating your own. You can either make your own logo using Photoshop, or you can take inspiration from the images on dribble and create something similar (without stealing of course !).


While Pinterest is not solely a design network, it is a great place to find logo inspiration. Simply plug in keywords related to your business, such as “graphic design” and “logo”, and you’ll be able to find hundreds of pinned images to help inspire your logo design. 

You can also tag your logo images with relevant keywords and use the “identify” and “graphic design” boards to help collect your own visual inspiration. You can use the “identify” board to collect logos you like and then experiment with different colours, fonts, and images to create your own logo design.

Creative Market 

Logo design can be a difficult task. You want your logo to be memorable, unique, and professional. But it is not easy to find a logo that meets all those criteria. That is why you should consider using a creative market website like Creative Market. 

There are many advantages to using this platform including access to hundreds of logo templates, pricing options, and more. By searching through the creative market templates you can find a logo design that best fits your business needs. 

It is also a great way to get started with logo design as you can use these templates as starting points for your own logo designs. So when you start working on your own logo design, you will have something to build off of so that your designs are more effective and stand out from the crowd.

Our final words

After you’ve found some logo inspiration and are ready to create your own logo, make sure to keep it simple. This will help it stand out from the crowd while maintaining its professional appearance. By keeping your logo simple, you will be able to create a logo that says a lot while remaining memorable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around. You may want to go back to your logo sketches and try a different approach that works better.

When it comes to logo design, it’s important to be open-minded and willing to experiment. That way you can make the most out of the creative possibilities available to you and come up with something that truly stands out from the crowd.