How to create a podcast one sheet template in 3 steps ?

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20 Oct , 2022

Creating a podcast episode one sheet is an important part of the process for any podcaster. It’s essentially a visual document that explains exactly what your listeners need to know about your show. 

As with every other piece of content you build for your podcast, it’s important to keep the downloader in mind when creating one sheets. They are potential new subscribers – not just another member of your team or family ! 

The one sheet will be their first impression of your podcast, so it should leave them with no questions about what they need to listen to and when. Here are five steps on how you can create an episode one sheet for your podcast.

Step 1: Know your objective

Every piece of content should start with an objective, and your episode one sheet is no different. Before you start creating your one sheet, think about what your objective is for publishing the document. 

Is your objective to introduce yourself to new listeners ? Do you want to showcase your best content ? Or is your goal to convince potential sponsors to sign on? It’s important to identify your objective first so that as you build the one sheet, you can make sure you’re hitting your target.

Step 2: Write down your show description

The first thing on your episode one sheet should be your show description. In one or two sentences, this is your chance to tell potential subscribers exactly what your podcast is about. 

The majority of your one sheet should be taken up by your episode descriptions, so it’s important to nail your show description. It’s often the first thing potential subscribers see when they come across your show, so it’s crucial that the description grabs their attention and leaves little room for confusion.

Step 3: List the episodes you’ll publish

The next portion of your episode one sheet should be a list of the episodes you plan to publish. Place the upcoming episodes in order by date, so your potential subscribers know on their email address when to tune in next and who would be your podcast guest. 

You should include the date of the episode, the name of the episode, and a brief summary of what the episode is about. If you have certain people you want to interview or topics you want to explore, you can also list those in this section.

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