How to create a price comparison template in Google Slides ?

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25 Oct , 2022

If you’re selling products online, it’s important to know how much your product costs and how much your potential customers will pay for it. A price comparison template can help you figure out the prices of different products, making it easier for you to see where you can make savings. 

If you use Google Slides or powerpoint templates for these purposes, creating a price comparison template is easy! If this article sparked your interest and you would like to learn more about Google Slides templates, keep reading !

What is a price comparison template ?

A price comparison template is a spreadsheet that allows you to easily compare the prices of different products. This can be really helpful if you have products that are similar in features and cost. 

If you’re a retailer who buys products in bulk and resells them, then you probably buy a lot of products that are similar in cost. In this case, you’ll need a price comparison template to help you decide where you can save money. And if you’re a wholesaler or a supplier, you’re likely to have clients that are retailers. 

In this case, your clients will have a product list that includes the price of each product. You can use a price comparison template to compare your clients’ products to others on the market so that you can recommend the best options for your clients.

How to create a price comparison template in Google Slides ?

Google Slides is a great tool for creating markdown price comparison templates. It allows you to create a slide with multiple images, text and vertical or horizontal tabs. The templates can be edited as needed and saved.

With this template, you can compare prices of products in different stores or online sites. You can also add additional information such as tags, product reviews or descriptions. For example, you can put all the prices in your spreadsheet and put them into Google Slides template by drag-and-drop method. Then, you can add tags, reviews and descriptions in each tab of your slide. If you have some relevant images, you can include them too. When your presentation is done, you can share it on social media, email or save it to Drive.

The advantage of using this Google Slides price comparison template is that it can help you save time and reduce the efforts required to compare prices at the same time. Moreover, it will help you present your case clearly so that others will be more likely to understand what you are saying and agree with your conclusions.

Here are a few tips for creating a price comparison template in Google Slides : 

  • Know which information is most important for your price comparison template - before you start creating your template, you need to know what data is most important for your price comparison template. 
  • Organize your data - instead of writing your data in one big table, you can organize your data using different columns. This will make your template easier to read. 
  • Use a template if you need to - while it’s important to understand what information you need, it’s also important to understand which template you need.

Our final word

If you’re a retailer, wholesaler, or supplier, a price comparison template is a must-have for your business. It will help you make better decisions about which products to buy and which products to sell.