How to find unlimited Pinterest board ideas ?

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06 Nov , 2022

Pinterest is an amazing tool for anyone in the creative industry. It’s a fantastic way to document your ideas, keep track of new trends, and discover new sources of inspiration whenever you need them. 

Unfortunately, even the best tools have their limits. You can only so many different boards before they start to feel stale and uninteresting. Pinning new images and ideas on a board again and again eventually gets old fast. 

You can only come up with so many concepts before you run out of ideas for board ideas. 

Luckily, we’ve got some tips for how to find unlimited Pinterest board ideas that won’t leave you feeling bored anytime soon !

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Track seasonal events

A great way to get some fresh inspiration for your Pinterest boards is to keep track of seasonal events. These are just as useful for finding new ideas as they are for helping you keep track of what’s going on in the world around you. 

Most people are able to narrow down the most common seasons in their region, but if you’re not sure where to start, here are some common seasons and events you should be aware of : 

  • Winter/Holiday : Snow, cold weather, gift-giving, holiday decorations, holiday travel.
  • Spring : blooming flowers, warmer weather, outdoor activities, gardening. 
  • Summer : outdoor activities, vacation travel, outdoor BBQs, campfires.
  • Fall : back to school, Halloween, fall foliage, harvest season.
  • Annual Events : concerts, conferences, sporting events, parades. 
  • Other Events : elections, public holidays, natural disasters, economic trends. 
  • Trend Analysis : take a look at what’s trending on Pinterest and on other social media platforms. By keeping an eye on events and trends (like home decor or diy crafts), you’ll get a better idea of what to expect in the months to come and how your audience might respond to those events.

Set time aside to brainstorm

To start, you need to dedicate time to brainstorming and coming up with new ideas and kinds of content you like. This part is where most people run into trouble. Setting aside time to brainstorm means you have to get creative with your scheduling. 

It might mean taking a break from work a little earlier, or making your commute more productive. It’s easy to say you’ll get to it later, but you need to put in the work now if you want to reap the rewards later.

Find bloggers and brands you love

Once you’ve got some time to brainstorm, you need to find some inspiration. Start by searching Pinterest with a few keywords of things you admire. You might notice that the same brands, board on pinterest and bloggers keep coming up. 

This is a great indication that they have some sort of aesthetic that you can use for inspiration. Look for genres and themes that stick out to you. 

Try to choose brands and bloggers that are similar to what you’re already doing. This will make it easier to build off of their existing aesthetics as you create new boards.

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Go through your archive

Chances are, you’ve already pinned a few images that could make for some great new board ideas. Start by going through your archive. You can do this through the desktop computer or through the mobile app if you prefer. 

Search through your old pins, making sure to keep any themes in mind. You can also organize your archive by category. This will make it even easier to find pins that could be expanded into new boards.

Try typing in keywords

Sometimes, coming up with new ideas for board ideas can feel like a game of “what do you want to do?” This is when it might be helpful to try typing in a few keywords to get a jumpstart on ideas. 

Pinterest has a built-in keyword suggestion tool that can give you an idea of what people are searching for. As you type in keywords, Pinterest will also display a list of related, popular searches. 

This can serve as an even better jumping-off point for new board ideas than typing in a keyword. You can use these suggestions to inspire new board names, or help you refine existing board ideas.

Ask your network

Another way you can come up with new board ideas is to ask your network what they’d like to see. You can do this on social media, or in a private Pinterest group. You can ask your followers what pops into their heads when they think of your brand or business. 

You can also ask them what they’d like to see more of on your boards. This is a great way to get some extra feedback without having to come up with new board ideas on your own. You can also ask members of your private group what new boards they’d like to see on Pinterest. 

This is another way to get some creative ideas from people who already love your boards.

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Our final word

Pinterest is a great place to find new concepts and inspiration for new products, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with new board ideas. It’s important to keep track of the trends in your industry or niche, so that you can continue to innovate and be on top of things. And remember, it doesn’t cost anything to pin awesome content! If you’re struggling to come up with new board ideas, try using one of our board templates as a starting point. It’s a great way to get started pinning consistently without having to worry about creating boards from scratch.

Once you’ve got some new board ideas, you can turn them into boards you can use to show off your products and/or services. Adding new images and descriptions will help keep your boards fresh and inspired.