Which side hustle apps reveal a money-making potential ?

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01 Nov , 2022

When evaluating a side hustle opportunity, you’re likely to encounter various apps designed to support your business venture. From accounting software to marketing tools, these apps offer assistance with every aspect of your personal venture. 

But which side hustle apps provide the best opportunity for money-making potential ? Whether your primary objective is financial stability or creative fulfillment, the side hustle market has you covered. There are numerous opportunities for monetizing your skills and interests with a secondary job or business venture in your spare time. 

Before investing in any side hustle app, take a moment to consider a little market research to know which one will provide the greatest return on investment.

What is a side hustle app ?

Side hustle apps are digital tools that make it easy for people to start a side hustle and make money on the side. Side hustles are an important part of building financial security, as they can provide extra income and help to offset expenses. Side hustle apps can be used in a variety of ways, from saving money to promoting products and services.

Side hustle apps can be used by both individuals and businesses. Individuals can use side hustle apps to track their expenses, save money or set goals. Businesses can use side hustle apps to build awareness and attract new customers, or even create new products and services.

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Task management apps

There are many reasons why you might want to use a tool to help you manage your tasks. Perhaps you need to organize your tasks and keep track of them, or maybe you just need a tool that can help you prioritize your tasks. There are many different apps available for this purpose, so it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose which one is best for you.

One important thing to consider when choosing an app is whether or not it uses the Kanban method. This is a very popular way of managing tasks, and it's especially helpful when working on complex projects. If you can't find an app that uses the Kanban method, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not good at helping you manage your tasks. You just need to look for something else that fits your needs.

Freelance writing apps

A freelance writing career can be a lucrative way to earn money online on the side while you’re working on your full-time job. There are a number of apps out there that make it easy to find work as a freelance writer, and they’re good for both beginners and those who have experience.

Anybody can start a freelancing career today. You don’t need any special skills or experience. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. It’s easy to get started, just sign up for one of the many freelance writing apps available online today. 

Once you’ve got your profile set up, it’s time to start looking for work. Your first step should be to research what types of jobs are available in your area. Next, you should narrow your search by focusing on the type of writing you like to do best (e.g., content marketing, technical topics). Once you’ve found a few potential clients, it’s time to pitch your services and start earning money !

Online tutoring apps

A growing number of online education platforms provide opportunities to teach a variety of topics. These include tutoring apps designed to match aspiring tutors with students in need of assistance in various fields of study. 

These tutoring apps are designed to simplify the process of finding and securing tutoring gigs. Students can browse tutors and select one based on their availability and rate. 

Once you’ve secured the gig, simply log into the app where you can view the student’s account, coursework, and stats. You may also be required to submit samples of your work and provide references for inclusion within your profile on the app. You can also attach samples of your work to each request as a tutor.

Video creation apps

There are plenty of apps that can help you create videos for a living. Some focus on editing, others on filming. There are also a few that specialize in livestreaming and live video sharing.

If you’re looking to start a business, one of the best ways is through video creation. You can teach and explain things in a clear and engaging way. And with some practice, it becomes easier to do. If you want to try your hand as a creator first, there are a number of options available out there. You can sign up for courses and tutorials from top mentors or even get started with free resources like tutorials on YouTube. These may not be perfect but they’re great starting points if you want to dip your toes into the video creation world without risking too much money.

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Accounting and finance apps

Accounting and finance apps are a great way to start a side hustle. Many people use accounting and finance apps to help them track expenses, track their business income, or record transactions.

One popular accounting and finance app is Mint. Mint helps you keep track of your spending by categorizing your purchases into categories like groceries, gas, and rent. It also gives you a running total of all your expenses so you can see where your money is going. 

Another popular accounting and finance app is Digit. Digit helps you keep track of your finances by tracking all your bank accounts and credit cards. You can also record cash transactions so you know exactly how much money you have in each account at any given time. If you’re interested in starting a side hustle, check out these 6 best finance apps for beginners.

Marketing and advertising apps

Marketing and advertising apps are one of the easiest ways to begin a side hustle. You can earn money from your phone by promoting products and services that you believe will be beneficial to your customers. Examples include promoting physical products, digital products and services, and content marketing.

Other ways to start a side hustle include selling your own products or services, affiliate marketing and collaboration.

You can also promote other people’s products and make commission if they buy them.

Side hustles offer a flexible way to earn extra income without having to commit to a full-time job. If you have an interest in marketing, advertising or sales, then this is the perfect way to start earning some extra cash on the side.

Templates marketplaces : Amazon, Etsy, Creative Market

There are tons of marketplaces where you can sell your handmade goods or crafts. Amazon, Etsy, and Creative Market are just a few examples. You can use these marketplaces to sell your handmade goods or crafts to earn extra cash. 

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you put in enough time and effort, you can make a decent amount of money from these websites.

One of the most popular side hustle apps is Etsy. With more than 5 million active buyers and sellers, Etsy is a marketplace for handmade and vintage goods and collectibles. While there are no official statistics about the number of Etsy side hustles, there are plenty of anecdotal reports from successful sellers who have built their businesses on Etsy. 

One successful Etsy seller described her Etsy business as "generating passive income from an account I rarely check, which shows me that I can make money without having to work all day."

One way to make money with an Etsy side hustle is to sell your handmade products on the site. While you'll need to do some research to find the best products for your niche, once you've found a good product you can start promoting it in order to grow your sales. 

Once you've reached a certain level of sales, you can also consider setting up a store on Etsy and start selling your own handmade products. By starting small with an Etsy side hustle, you'll learn important lessons about product development, marketing and shipping before moving on to more difficult tasks like starting a full-time business.

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Earning cash with research apps

Sporium and Survey Junkie are two apps you can use to earn money for completing online surveys. Both are free to download and have proven track records for success. You can earn money with both of these apps and should sign up for both to maximize your earnings. 

You should also consider joining other survey sites, such as My Survey, Pinecone, Toluna and Swagbucks. You can earn a few dollars here and there with these sites and put them towards something special. Survey Junkie is one of the best survey app available. It have thousands of reviews and a significant number of positive ratings. 

This app is easy to use and offer a wide variety of surveys. You can cash out your earnings once they reach a certain threshold, which can be as low as $10.

Productivity apps

While productivity apps aren’t directly tied to earning potential, they can greatly impact your capacity to earn. A great side hustle app for productivity is Clockify. Clockify is a time-management app that can help increase your productivity dramatically. This app can be used to track tasks, set reminders, and prioritize your daily workload. You can use Clockify to help keep track of your side hustle activities while still meeting your work responsibilities. The app is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, making it easy to use from anywhere.

Our final word

When evaluating a side hustle opportunity, consider the potential earnings generated by each app. You may also want to consider which apps are compatible with your lifestyle. 

If you’re an avid outdoors-person, online tutoring may not be the best side hustle opportunity for you. You’ll want to select a side hustle that aligns with your interests and provides the opportunity for flexibility in your schedule. 

With a variety of apps designed to support your business venture, you can select the one that provides the greatest opportunity for money-making potential.