Our top 5 educational digital products making teaching easier

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22 Oct , 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, education is constantly evolving to keep pace with new technologies. Information is more accessible than ever thanks to the internet, and digital products are becoming increasingly commonplace in school curricula as a result. 

This article outlines the top digital educational products for teachers and students. These digital tools make it easier to teach, learn, and study almost anything. 

Each of these products will streamline processes and reduce the time spent on menial tasks so that you have more time for what matters most – educating your students !

Classroom Collaboration Tools

There are many ways in which teachers can incorporate new technologies into the classroom. One of the most vital of these is by fostering a collaborative learning environment where students work together in groups. 

When you choose collaborative learning activities, students are forced to put their pride aside and work together to achieve the best result. 

Collaborative learning also encourages students to build relationships between one another, contributing to a more inclusive classroom where all students feel included regardless of any differences. 

Most importantly, collaborative learning gives students skills that they can use outside of the classroom. By equipping your students with the ability to work together, you are helping them develop valuable transferable skills for the future, such as working in a team, problem-solving, and communicating effectively.

E-Books and e-Textbooks

E-books, like their printed equivalents, are an easy and convenient way to access information. They are a popular choice among educators thanks to the usefulness of digital textbooks. 

E-books and e-textbooks can be accessed from any device, making them ideal for students and teachers who enjoy a hands-on approach. With e-books, you can search for specific information, bookmark sections, and highlight important points. 

These features make e-books a great choice for students who like to study using their own personal notes. They also allow teachers to assign reading and give students the option to read it on the device of their choice, whether that be a laptop, phone, or tablet. 

E-textbooks have the added benefit of being easy to update and customize. Whether you’re the one who updates the textbook or you outsource the task to a professional editor, e-textbooks can be programmed to include your school’s name and contact details, as well as images that reflect the content.

Digital Flash Cards

Flash cards are an effective way to teach vocabulary and spelling. They are suitable for younger students, but digital flash cards can also be used by adults. 

Flash cards are great for practicing vocabulary, spelling, and building language skills. Flash cards are usually made from paper, but the best digital flash cards are interactive and can be programmed with different levels of difficulty. 

Digital flash cards can be used at home or in the classroom with students who are working at different levels. 

They are great for students who struggle with spelling and vocabulary because they offer an immediate reward when the answer is correct, as well as a chance to try again if you get it wrong. Flash cards can be used to learn any subject or topic.

Virtual Whiteboards

Virtual whiteboards are a great way to enhance classroom discussions, presentations, and more, making them an invaluable educational tool. 

Virtual whiteboards can be used in place of an actual whiteboard, meaning they are great for collaboration, or alongside a whiteboard. Virtual whiteboards allow you to draw, write, and make notes, just like an actual whiteboard. 

The difference is that virtual whiteboards are typically displayed on a screen for everyone in the class to see. Some boards even allow you to share content with other classrooms or colleagues in different locations. 

Virtual whiteboards are useful for everything from project planning to brainstorming. You can also set up polls, quizzes, and timelines to keep your students engaged. Virtual whiteboards are a great way for students to make connections with the things they learn in the classroom by bringing it all to life.

EdTech Tools for Classroom Management

Classroom management tools are designed to help teachers monitor the progress of their students and keep the classroom running smoothly. They allow teachers to track attendance, monitor grades, and send and receive digital notices, making it easier to stay on top of everything. 

A classroom management system allows you to grade homework, quizzes, and tests, track grades, and even communicate with your students. They also allow your students to submit assignments, track their progress, and send you questions and concerns. 

These systems are beneficial for both you and your students. They allow you to see who is struggling and focus your attention on them. They also give your students the chance to receive extra help and reach their potential.